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For years he would see it cruise through his town, never being able to catch it to talk with the owner.
With his stick and how tall he is and how heavy he is, he can beat goalies when a lot of guys can’t from that far out.
Any fastback is a prize, but this was a 1966-model K-GT, stored in this trailer for the last 30 years.
Human ingenuity comes in many forms, including this wonderfully bonkers truck-turned-boat dubbed the ‘Cuban Mobile’ offered by the Orlando Auto Museum.
A pull fan mounted to the transmission cooler pulls air through the holes in the bed.

Those were the paths we went after to really drive structure to the right stiffness requirements, structural integrity, lot of development into suspension bushings, tuning elements, strut mounts.
Things look just as good inside with a clean cloth interior and seats that are embroidered to further indicate this is the TURBO SR5 model.
Ed’s a Garden State native.
The Cowboys went three wide and one tight, then empty when Zeke motioned out.
I was really hoping to see Ferguson improve this year and preform as well as he did from his college tape.

Bill is joined by Sheil Kapadia of The Athletic to weigh in on where things stand for the Eagles right now after their narrow victory over the Giants, including issues with their offense and the disappearance of Doug Pederson’s 4th down magic from last season .
We recommend that you not use a P.O.
Two is the right amount of these types of matches.
Understandably, Livering’s mom and dad were not willing to help him get such a radical car.
The e-gear transmission-a single-clutch automated manual-makes some troubling clunks and groans, but the shifts are supremely quick.
Henry Anderson, off his career year, returns, as does Steve McLendon.

After a few weeks of planning the project, I removed all the suspension and installed a RideTech coilover system, he relates.
It’s probable that without special teams, all of them, the Cowboys struggle to win that game.
In order to revamp the image of the Mustang, Ford gave it a complete restyling for 1969, and the top dog of this newly revamped model was the 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Super Cobra Jet.
But it’s the atmosphere and the last dual-use stadium in the NFL that stands out most for Rivers.
Lucas started all 36 games as a freshman but decided after one exhibition game before this season that he would leave.

That’s no different for Chevrolet and its Corvette, a model that garners more than a little enthusiasm from countless owners.

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